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Heyang Industrial Co., Ltd

Digital luggage Scale

Digital luggage Scale

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  1. Secure Battery Door: Our unique battery door design ensures it stays securely closed, even when weighing heavy loads. No more worries about accidental openings during use.

  2. Dual-Color Reminder Light: Red and green lights provide a clear indication of overweight luggage. This feature sets our product apart, adding an extra layer of convenience.

  3. Reliable Battery Shrapnel: The use of manganese-bronze high elastic material ensures the scale won't power off during vibrations or heavy-weight situations. Unlike ordinary shrapnel, our design ensures a consistent and reliable performance.

  4. Automatic Lock and Unlock: Our scale utilizes pressure induction for automatic locking and unlocking. No need for manual key manipulation; it's designed for seamless and hassle-free operation.


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